BCS HRM & Salaris: Staff Scheduling

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Start with good staff scheduling

The BCS HRM & Salaris staff scheduling offers a solution for all organisations. Allow employees can view or change their schedule and notify others. The staff scheduling is fully integrated with HR, Payroll and Time Attendance Registration and can be used by any organisation.

Make staff scheduling clear

Not every organisation works with staff scheduling, although it has many advantages. The major advantage of scheduling in BCS HRM & Salaris is the transparency for all employees involved in this process. Is someone sick or on leave? You will immediately see this reflected in the system.

Copy the staff schedule

An existing schedule can easily be copied for several weeks per (group of) employee(s) by means of a copy function. This saves you repeatedly entering the same schedule or working hours.

Fully integrated

BCS HRM & Salaris staff scheduling is fully integrated with HR administration, Payroll Administration and Time Attendance System and can be used by any organisation. When you use the Time Attendance Registration function, it is also possible to obtain insight into the schedule after approval. This provides insight into planning and realisation.

Maximum insight and full control over the staff schedule. With personal support for questions. BCS. The package that pays off.

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The advantages of staff scheduling software

BCS HRM & Salaris gives you quick and easy insight into the most important HR processes and staff data. To get a better idea of the many possibilities, we have made a summary:

  • Sickness and leave visible in the schedule
  • Convenient copy function
  • Integration with the time attendance registration system
  • Insightful for several people within the organisation
  • Notification to employee