Polaris HRS

A complete staff system for HR and payroll administration

Are you looking for a way to optimise and/or outsource HR processes and payroll? With the BCS Polaris HRS staff information system you will have everything in one place, always within reach. HRM processes such as recruitment, transfers and departures are fully supported with Polaris thanks to the integrated staff information and payroll system. Popular components, such as time attendance registration and staff scheduling, also offer the solution for every organisation. With Polaris you can create an overview that allows you to focus on the core business of the organisation.

Important features

Personalised HR workflow(s)

Personalised HR workflow(s)

We believe that every process and every HR department within an organisation are unique. You can therefore create personalised workflows with the Polaris HRS staff system.

Extensive staff system

Extensive staff system

Polaris is an extensive staff system to record and automate all HR matters within your organisation.

Digital employment form

Digital employment form

Allow employees to securely enter personal data directly in the staff system.

Proforma environment

Proforma environment

Use the extensive proforma functionalities of Polaris for test calculations, budgeting and test payslips. Or make a forecast based on company information.

Labour cost overview

Labour cost overview

Process data efficiently and flawlessly in Polaris. This way you can easily and quickly create a labour cost overview based on project data and/or for defined organisational layers.

Software links

Software links

With the Polaris staff system you can link standard financial or customised systems. Import data at the front end and export it at the back end. This prevents double entry of data and making mistakes.

HR-management software

An efficient automated HR process. With the Polaris staff system.

Polaris HRS modules

The Polaris staff system is an HR solution with extensive possibilities. To keep things ordered, these are bundled in various modules.

Polaris: Payroll System

Payroll system

With the salary system within Polaris you can always be sure of paying employees correctly and on time.

Polaris: HR management

HR management

With Polaris HR management you register, optimize and automate important HR processes within your organization.

Polaris: Time Attendance System

Time attendance system

Avoid performing too many manual actions and the risk of errors due to the Polaris time attendance system.

Polaris: Staff Scheduling

Staf scheduling

Let employees view or change their schedule themselves and keep others informed about it.

Polaris: Nova ESS/MSS

ESS/MSS HR module Nova

Give employees and supervisors access to staff-related data with the user-friendly ESS/MSS module Nova.

Polaris salarissysteem


Our data centre as well as our organisation and our people are certified. Our support desk employees are Nirpa certified. This means that they not only have Polaris knowledge, they can also help you with specific questions. Very useful when you urgently need to send your payments!

Polaris HRM software personeelsplanning

From staff scheduling to salary payments

HR and payroll are the basis of the Polaris staff system. Depending on the working method of the organisation, it is possible to expand this with the functionality for making a staff schedule, entering clocked times or recording the hours worked up to the salary payment. This makes it possible to achieve efficiency gains, plus the chance of errors is reduced and the data is transparent for the people involved in this process.

Polaris personeelssysteem korte implementatietijd

Short implementation time of the staff system

We are happy to offer our full support to our customers during the start-up phase of Polaris. This is reflected in the conversion, among other things. BCS will carry out the conversion for you, so you can immediately start checking this and setting up HR. The BCS method is characterised by a short implementation phase. In addition, we are in favour of training-on-the-job. Knowledge transfer takes place during the design of the Polaris staff system to familiarise you with the system as quickly as possible, and you can take over control of the buttons.

"BCS develops innovative solutions for high-quality services in the HR and Payroll sector with the Polaris software package."

Bianca Dekker
HR Manager

Bianca Dekker from BCS

Popular courses and workshops

Basic Payroll Administration Course (Online)

Basic Payroll Administration Course (Online)

€ 199,- excl. VAT

During the basic course 'Payroll Administration' you will learn everything about reading payslips, making salary calculations and much more!

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