Employee gets blank screen after logging in to BCS Online

"One of my employees gets a blank screen after logging in to BCS Online, what can I do about this?"

Sometimes, an employee may get a blank screen after they have logged in. If this happens, check in the employment contract, in the "Reachability" tab, whether the employee's email address has already been entered. If this hasn't happened yet, please enter the email address. The employee must be registered as an ESS/MSS user.

If the employee's email address is already known, go to the "other" tab and the "modules" subtab and check whether the relevant employee is already an ESS/MSS user. If this is not yet the case, you can set this yourself. To do this, go to Customer Portal > Other files > Manuals on BCS Online. There you will find the document "Checklist for creating a new employee BCS Online" and you can go through our checklist step by step.

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