Automation key HR processes

Automation key HR processes
It happens in every organisation: HR processes that follow a fixed pattern. Think of application procedures, leave requests or the termination of employment. Performing these tasks often involves more than expected and mistakes are easily made.
Automation key HR processes

What are HR processes?

Applying for leave, submitting an expense claim or an application procedure are examples of recurring activities that are usually arranged by the HR department. We call these activities HR processes.

An HR department often focuses on HR processes related to recruitment, transfers and departures. When performing these tasks and processes, often several people are involved and different actions are performed. For example, digital documents have to be drawn up and signed and important decisions are made that can lead to a new HR process.

Why HR automation?

An HR process can sometimes turn out to be more complex than expected. Take a standard application procedure as an example: Applicants can fill in their personal details through online vacancies on your company website. A manager will then receive a message that someone has applied and it must be decided whether the applicant will be invited for an interview. The manager then informs the HR department on whether to invite or reject this applicant. The applicant will then be notified. In the entire process of applying for a job, several actions, people and departments are connected. This increases the chance of making mistakes.

The application process is an example of the many HR processes that can be automated. We call the automation of these processes an HR workflow. An automated HR workflow improves the efficiency of the most important HR processes within your organisation and reduces the chance of making mistakes. In addition, you create uniformity within the department with an automated workflow, which is essential in the context of certification and quality.

Tailor-made automatic HR processes

We understand that every organisation, every HR department, is unique. That is why we support the automation of important HR processes such as employee recruitment, transfers and departures, so that you can create an overview and gain insight into the entire organisation. We believe that every HR process is different. With our software you can create tailor-made HR workflows. Workflows that perfectly match your unique working method. This guarantees the continued operation of your organisation. Feel free to contact one of our experts, they will speak to you personally and answer all your questions about automating and digitising the entire HRM and Payroll administration. Or go directly to our products page and see which software package best suits your organisation.

We begrijpen dat elke organisatie, elke HR-afdeling, uniek is. Daarom ondersteunen wij in het automatiseren van belangrijke HR-processen zoals instroom, doorstroom en uitstroom, zodat je overzicht en inzicht kan creëren in de gehele organisatie. Wij geloven dat elk HR-proces anders is. Met onze software kun je daarom op maat gemaakte HR workflows aanmaken, workflows die perfect aansluiten op jullie unieke werkwijze. Zo kan je organisatie blijven draaien en blijft de continuïteit van je operatie gewaarborgd. Neem gerust contact op met een van onze experts, zij helpen je op een persoonlijke manier verder en beantwoorden al je vragen omtrent het automatiseren en digitaliseren van de gehele HRM en Salarisadministratie. Of ga direct naar onze productenpagina en kijk welk softwarepakket het beste bij jouw organisatie past.

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