Online staff administration

Insight into your employees with digital staff files

BCS Startscherm
Insight into your employees with digital staff files
BCS Startscherm

Your 'human resources' are the most important part of your organisation. Because without people there is no work and therefore no results. That is why we do everything we can with the BCS software to ensure that staff administration and HR processes at organisations continue undisturbed. And we offer certainty with our staff administration software, every single month. With BCS you gain online insight into the staff files of your employees and you automate important staff matters.

The staff administration arranged down to the last detail

When it comes to HR and staff administration in your organisation, you have to be sure that everything is arranged on time and properly, every month and every day. Whether it concerns identifying when staff reviews are due, processing contract information or registration of training courses. Whatever your HR policy looks like, no matter how flexible you want to be, we support your policy from A to Z, every single day.

Digitaal personeelsdossier

Digital staff file

Keep a digital staff file with contract management and other HR administration tools according to the latest laws and regulations.


Fleet management

Maintain centralised insight into fleet management contracts, repair and maintenance contracts.

Persoonlijk ontwikkelingsplan

Personal development plan

Maintain a personal development plan with operational objectives in the system.


Review cycle

You can create a review cycle for each employee containing data, reports and files.


Training courses

Record all training, assessments and certificates in the BCS staff software.



Automatic alerts, such as age increases, CLA changes, appraisal interviews, service anniversary and end date of employment contract.

Geautomatiseerde workflows

Automated workflows

Recurring HR processes such as job applications, appraisal interviews, contract renewals and any terminations can be automated through our workflows.

Training management

Our software package Polaris gives you the opportunity to keep track of training management of your employees in the staff administration. With our software you can register the purchasing costs of courses and you can keep track of study progress. Polaris makes it easy to register, manage and plan training. Working with course material can be recorded and an evaluation of the training can be written down afterwards.

Track training management in Polaris

Payroll link

The staff administration is linked with BCS payroll administration software. As a result, processing salaries is a natural continuation of the staff administration. And all activities that have an impact on payroll administration are performed by the staff, thanks to Employee Self Service. For example, employees can easily change personal data, enter hours worked, submit expense claims, request leave, or call in sick through the linked staff app. After approval, these changes are immediately processed in the payroll administration.

BCS loonadministratie software

Our software

Clever software tailored to your HR policy

HR Essentials

With HR Essentials you can fully automate your payroll administration yourself. The payroll software also offers you the flexible option to add additional HRM modules, such as HR, absence due to sickness and time administration.

  • Choose from different modules
  • Automate manual operations
  • Create clear reports

HR Enterprise

Are you looking for a complete staff information system to automate current HR processes and payroll processing? The Polaris total solution gives you everything under one roof.

  • Automates and digitises all HR processes
  • Personalised HR workflow(s)
  • Fast and tailor-made implementation